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March 21, 2024

BRYTER is a no-code process automation platform designed for Legal and Compliance professionals.

What can BRYTER be used for?

BRYTER can be used to automate a large number of different processes and internal knowledge. Whilst the platform itself is industry agnostic, it is targeted largely at Legal, Compliance and Procurement professionals to both automate internal processes as well as (for Law Firms and Consultancies) to provide automated self-service client facing tools.

Example use cases for BRYTER include:

  • Intake or ‘Front Door’ solutions to intake, triage and manage internal requests
  • Document review and approval solutions to review documents against an internal playbook and gain the necessary internal approvals
  • Document generation and eSignature solutions to allow internal users to generate contracts on a self-service basis using pre-defined templates and options before automatically sending for eSignature
  • Decision/policy automation applications to allow internal users to answer a self-service questionnaire to receive instant advice or necessary escalation re if something is compliant (e.g. new regulations, gifts and hospitality, data breach)

What features does BRYTER have?

BRYTER features a large number of features to enable complex processes and applications to be built. These include:

  • Document automation including Word template markup and output documents in .docx or .pdf
  • Numerical and date calculations
  • Native databases
  • Customisable data views
  • Application level roles and access control
  • Powerful conditional logic including nested groups
  • Conditional inputs & input validation
  • An API to build additional actions

Does BRYTER use AI?

Yes. BRYTER’s AI connector functionality allows builders to add AI to their workflows and applications. Enabling the AI connector provides additional ‘action nodes’ that can then be inserted into a BRYTER workflow to carry out a specific function at the relevant point in the process.

For example, builders can build an input node to ask the user to upload a contract for review. The subsequent node can then be an AI node(s), a background process that can be configured to read the uploaded document and:

  • Summarise the document and/or
  • Extract numbers and/or dates to use with rule based logic in the module (e.g. if Contract Value is over $10,000 then send for Legal approval) and/or
  • Extract a clause matching the preset description (e.g. a ‘Change of Control’ clause) and then check whether the given contract clause complies with preset rules/playbook and/or
  • Provide the answer to a custom prompt, either preset by the builder or entered by the end user? (e.g. ‘What is the governing law of this agreement?’)

As BRYTER is a modular no-code automation tool, application builders are able to incorporate AI functionality in a flexible manner as and when it would be suitable and deliver value within their bespoke automated processes.

What does BRYTER cost?

BRYTER charges an annual licence fee based on the number of applications you wish to publish and other minor factors such as required integrations and the number of author/admin licences (those who will ‘build’ in BRYTER). BRYTER does not licence based on the number of end-users, so applications can be made available to all users in an organisation or even publicly accessible via a website without additional costs.

When was BRYTER founded?

BRYTER was founded in Germany in 2018 and has since expanded to have offices in Frankfurt, London and New York.

Who uses BRYTER?

Whilst the BRYTER platform and features are largely use-case agnostic, BRYTER is an enterprise product and is used primarily by law firms, large ‘Big 4’ consultancies and corporate Legal, Compliance and Procurement teams. Law firm customers include Clifford Chance, DLA Piper & Linklaters. Corporate customers include ING, McDonald's & Telefónica.

How easy is BRYTER to use?

As a no-code platform, BRYTER is designed to be used by a broad range of users, including those without previous technical experience in automating processes. The no-code editor is designed to look similar to process maps/decision trees allowing builders to quickly translate simple processes into self-service applications.

Getting the most out of BRYTER, such as building complex multi-stage processes with approvals and integrations to other systems, does require both further training in the BRYTER platform as well as an appreciation of process design and optimisation. Many BRYTER customers train specific teams or individuals in these skills to build powerful BRYTER applications whilst others work with BRYTER partners such as NodeMasters to receive expert support to quickly develop applications.

How can NodeMasters support with BRYTER?

As an official BRYTER partner, NodeMasters supports BRYTER customers in getting the most value out of the BRYTER platform via a range of BRYTER services. From providing training and guided building for teams that need a little extra support in getting started with BRYTER, all the way through to full service delivery of powerful applications and processes.

Whilst BRYTER is designed as an accessible no-code automation platform that professionals can build in themselves, BRYTER customers can require additional resource or benefit from additional expertise in order to build powerful applications.

Teams sometimes lack sufficient capacity on top of their day jobs to have the necessary time to design, build, test and release the applications they wish to build or, as they begin to learn the platform, they may have questions regarding how to use specific features.

Some businesses may see the value in how the BRYTER platform can automate their process but they may choose not to build in the platform at all themselves.

NodeMasters customers benefit from our 20+ years of BRYTER experience and support available in both English & German. Find out more on our dedicated BRYTER page.

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