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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NodeMasters?

NodeMasters is a no-code automation & AI consultancy helping professionals in Legal and Compliance automate their processes.

How does NodeMasters help automate processes?

NodeMasters provides full-service process automation as required by our clients. This can include initial discovery & consultancy to determine the suitability of a process for automation & the best technology to use. Additionally, NodeMasters builds & implements solutions using the no-code tools in your stack and provides training and flexible support for technologies.

What experience does NodeMasters have?

NodeMasters was formed by four co-founders, all of whom were former BRYTER employees and have decades of combined experience delivering no-code automation & consultancy to law firms & large corporates.

Can NodeMasters support me with existing solutions?

Yes. NodeMasters offers a number of services to help support and/or upskill clients who have existing no-code automation technologies and automated processes. From fully outsourced managed support to training/'co-building' enabling teams to manage solutions themselves, we can meet your requirements. We have experience across BRYTER, Microsoft Power Platform, Contract Express, HighQ and more.

How can NodeMasters help me regarding AI?

NodeMasters has a dedicated AI Lead with extensive data science experience. This means we can go 'beyond the hype' of AI, understand your processes and data in detail, and advise on how you can best leverage AI. Via our extensive experience with technologies such as BRYTER & the Microsoft Power Platform, we can advise and implement to ensure you're making the most out of the AI functionality your organisation already has access to. Additionally, we offer an AI Literacy program to educate your employees on how to use AI safely and efficiently, enabling adoption from the ground up.

Is NodeMasters a software vendor?

No. NodeMasters is a professional services consultancy that helps professionals find and deliver automation solutions with a range of no-code & AI technologies. We have experience with multiple technologies (and the integrations between them) to help clients with either their existing tech stack or the most suitable technology for their requirements.

I don't have any immediate requirements for no-code automation, how can I stay in touch?

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