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Document Automation is one of the most established forms of Legal Technology available, with some products in the market being over 20 years old, yet few businesses have unlocked the full potential of having all of their relevant templates automated.

Successful document automation implementation requires both an understanding of the legal content of the template (e.g. which clauses could have different variations, ensuring definitions and cross-referencing are correct) as well as technicality of automating the template (e.g. the logic to be incorporated, the questions to be asked to the end user). In corporates, there is often also the opportunity to look at the underlying process behind the document to see how technology can offer a larger benefit, such as automated approvals and eSignature.

Businesses often struggle with having adequate and experienced resource to both automate document templates and work closely with document owners to ensure their requirements for automation are met and the the correct approach is being taken.

NodeMasters has extensive experience with automating document templates for both Legal & Compliance professionals in law firms and large corporates, with our consultants having worked on hundreds of templates across leading technologies such as Contract Express & BRYTER.

From simple NDA templates through to large 'suites' of documents for corporate transactions such as Loans and Share Transfers, we use our experience to share industry best practice approaches and how to prioritise your automation projects in order to maximise value from 'low hanging fruit'.

Our customers can enjoy flexible 'on-demand' support available to maintain existing templates and systems or a complete full-service approach incorporating scoping, template optimisation, automation and support. Whether you are approaching document automation for the first time and need support in choosing the right technology or already have dozens of automated templates, our experts will advise the best approach.

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