Process Optimisation

Improve processes before automating them to avoid costly adaptations after implementation.

Process automation can save a considerable amount of time. However, automating inefficient or flawed processes exacerbates existing problems. Therefore, we recommend enhancing a process with all relevant stakeholders before transforming it into a digital workflow.

With your team, NodeMasters prepares existing processes for automation by focusing on these crucial aspects:

  • Take a holistic view on the end-to-end process to deliver optimal value across your organisation and identify key stakeholders.
  • Review the current process thoroughly to ensure no crucial details are missed.
  • Re-think and optimise the process, considering the additional potential of digital workflows and AI.
  • Create process diagrams for easy alignment among all stakeholders.
  • Validate the new process design by collecting and adopting stakeholder feedback.

Based on these results, you can safely proceed to select a suitable automation platform and bring your ideal process to life.

Get more insight on how NodeMasters optimises processes in this blog article >

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