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April 1, 2024

You have spoken, we have listened – due to overwhelming public demand, NodeMasters proudly presents its first software product: The Fax2GPT integration!

“As an international consulting company based in Frankfurt area, we examined the German market in-depth and quickly identified the missing item in many companies’ tech stacks”, says Steffen Huß, co-founder, AI Lead and fax consultant with decades of experience. With the Fax2GPT integration, companies, law firms, administration, and public institutions now can bring the power of AI to Germany’s most popular user interface.

For the public Beta, the Fax2GPT integration will be available in German only, but expansion to other languages is possible at a later stage. “With this piece of cutting-edge technology, we see ourselves in a long-standing tradition of German engineering and prove the innovative potential of the German economy!”

On a technical level, companies connect their fax machine with a Large Language Model. Whenever a fax is coming in, its content is forwarded to the Large Language Model and the answer then is sent back with a separate fax. “This allows for safe communication in a familiar environment without forcing users to switch to novel devices like computers, tablets, or mobile phones, that have not stood the test of time yet.”

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