Why We Have Founded NodeMasters

We are happy to announce we have officially launched NodeMasters!
February 6, 2024

Today, Feb 6th, we are happy to announce: We have officially launched NodeMasters!

We are a team of four co-founders with over 25 years of combined experience in software development and process automation, working for Magic Circle law firms, Big Four accounting firms, and Fortune 500 companies. We are already working with international customers (across Europe and US) to automate their processes using No-Code and AI. We have now joined forces to leverage our collective strengths, aiming to become a leading enabler of process automation and efficiency enhancement for Legal & Compliance departments:

  • Wolfgang has been operating under the banner of "NodeMasters" for the past six months, providing training and digital workflows to customers. Due to escalating demand, he decided to transition his freelance business into a full-fledged company.
  • Thom, with a background in law, is joining NodeMasters from SYKE. There, he led the BRYTER implementation practice, a role he will continue at NodeMasters.
  • Steffen, with expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Software Development, joins us from the no-code platform BRYTER. He was one of the first hires there in 2018.
  • Felix, with five years of experience as a Customer Success Manager at BRYTER and as a principal Sales Representative for the German-speaking markets, will serve as the commercial lead.

We are based in the United Kingdom and in Germany. Beyond our individual experience, we previously worked as a team at BRYTER in 2020 & 2021, and we're excited to reunite!

What we do

We believe that in the next few years, Legal & Compliance teams will face increasing pressure to do more with less. While we acknowledge that the tools for achieving this are now available (like no-code platforms or generative AI), we also note that many companies struggle to derive substantial benefits from these tools.

NodeMasters aims to provide support in this area. Building on the numerous lessons learned from working with Legal & Compliance departments, we automate processes according to three principles:

Full Service process automation

As NodeMasters, we are ready to support automation projects from start to finish and beyond. We consult to make processes ready for automation, and build the necessary solutions. By integrating technical expertise early on, we minimise friction and enable faster iterations for enhanced results.

We use existing no-code tools. And we use AI

With the growth of no-code platforms and advances in generative AI, automating workflows is now feasible on an unprecedented scale and at a fraction of the cost of custom software development. As such, we incorporate no-code, AI, and occasionally a bit of custom code to create tailored solutions. We are glad to utilise the existing no-code stack available to our customers, or assist in vendor selection.

We train teams

We view automation as a transition that companies are undergoing. Therefore, when requested, we empower teams to take charge. We provide comprehensive training on no-code platforms such as BRYTER, and we offer an AI Literacy program. This program enables participants to confidently, safely, and efficiently adopt AI from a bottom-up perspective.

What Motivates Us

We're excited that automation can reduce time and resources spent on tasks by 25-40%, depending on the study and context. However, we're even more thrilled about one key point: automation typically eliminates dull and monotonous work. As a result, surveys indicate that employees involved in task automation not only experience increased effectiveness – they also report being happier in their jobs.

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