Guided Building

If you want to build the solution yourself but need extra development capacities or just some advice, we can support you with our Guided Building approach.

Get the support you need from NodeMasters’ no-code and AI experts to make sure that you realize your ideas without unnecessary detours and delays.

NodeMasters' Guided Building approach is a collection of different formats designed to help you to create your automation solution yourself. From individual sessions to solve specific problems up to full guidance from start to finish, it is up to you how much assistance from NodeMasters’ no-code and AI experts you want to ensure the success of your project.

10 ways we support you to achieve your goals:

1. Process and requirements maturity check

Before you jump into the implementation, NodeMasters assists you with a quick check on your process drafts and requirements. This way, we can help you to ensure all necessary information is available to kick-off your automation project successfully.

2. Platform-fit analysis

Based on your process drafts and requirements, NodeMasters helps you to analyze whether the no-code platform you intend to use covers all your needs.

3. Application architecture session

For complex projects, it is key to map out the fundamental application architecture right from the start. Get an expert advice on how to structure your workflows and organize your data.

4. Q&A sessions and check-ins

Have a regular check-in session with one of our no-code experts to get feedback on your project or just collect your question and tap into NodeMasters’ knowledge from time to time according to your needs.

5. Guided building sessions

If you are not sure how to get started or solve the tricky parts in your application, jump on a call with NodeMasters’ experts and they will help you to quickly find the best solution.

6. Building as a service

Although you will build the application mostly yourself, NodeMasters can take over some complicated parts to save resources on your side.

7. Tailored training

If you lack specific skills to build your applications, NodeMasters offers training sessions tailored to the exact skills you need to solve your problem.

8. End-to-end testing planning

Complex applications need testing and detailed testing needs good planning. NodeMasters helps you to create end-to-end test scenarios to make sure that that the go-live of your application is smooth and stress-free.

9. Testing and Go-live check

If you have finished your application, but need a second pair of eyes to make sure everything works as intended, NodeMasters can take a thorough look to avoid unpleasant surprises after the go-live.

10. Go-live support

The time after your go-live is most critical for the acceptance of you application and issues have to be resolved as quickly as possible. NodeMasters is happy block some time in advance so we can jump on every upcoming problem immediately.

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