BRYTER Training Program

Master the BRYTER platform with the most distinguished BRYTER training program on the market.

Based on years of experience teaching all aspects of the BRYTER platform, NodeMasters’ experts offer a comprehensive selection of BRYTER training sessions. From a first onboarding of new user to sessions covering the most advanced features, NodeMasters can cover all needs of BRYTER authors.

Our training concepts, proven over hundreds of conducted sessions, are continuously updated with all new product features released by BRYTER. As our BRYTER trainers create solutions in BRYTER on a daily basis, you will not only learn how to correctly apply each feature but also about best practices and how to effectively combine different features to create the optimal solution in BRYTER.

Based on your previous experience and the type of solution you intend to build on BRYTER, we will tailor a training program to meet your specific needs. The following sessions provide an example of what a full BRYTER onboarding program can look like:


Basic Features I

Familiarise yourself with the platform's basic features and building components to develop your first application. Understand the different node types, construct conditional logic, and generate dynamic content for your users.

Basic Features II

Enhance your skills to develop advanced modules. Discover how to construct complex logic and dynamic forms. You'll be introduced to concepts such as value updating for risk scoring and best practices to structure your modules.

Document Automation

Discover how to transform your existing documents into dynamic templates. Use input from your users to generate automated documents and share them with them.

Data Management I

Begin using databases to transition multiple modules into workflows. Understand how to store and retrieve data, and how to present it to your users with data views.

Data Management II

Enhance your understanding of databases and data views. Discover how to centralise your application around data views by creating action buttons. Learn to publish your applications with a menu sidebar.

Collections I

Learn how to read, display, and process large data sets using "Collections". This entails creating collections from user inputs or by extracting multiple entries from a database, as well as understanding how to process and display these collections within your application.

Collections II

Based on collections, BRYTER allows to use advanced features like batch processing, creating relational databases, and inserting collections as table or repeatable blocks in automated documents.

BRYTER Connect

Discover how BRYTER Connect expands the platform by providing APIs that trigger the execution of BRYTER modules and facilitate data exchange with its database API. Additionally, you can develop your own action nodes by uploading custom code into your application.

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