We empower your team to deliver the most value from their no-code & AI tech stack.

Equip your team to successfully undertake automation projects. NodeMasters' training programs offer hands-on technical skills based on the latest advancements, while also fostering a thorough understanding of best practices in the field.

Small groups

We usually assign one instructor for every five participants. This method encourages active learning and provides immediate feedback, guaranteeing  participants gain the most from their invested time.

Experienced instructors

All our instructors are involved in software projects using the technology they teach. Their ongoing experience equips them with extensive knowledge of these technologies. Additionally, they all have extensive automation teaching & training experience.

Tailored to your needs

Our standard training programmes outlined below provide a good balance regarding the depth of the subject matter. However, our programmes are flexible and the content ca be tailored to your specific needs. Sessions are usually delivered online using the video conferencing tool of your choice, but we can also arrange on-site sessions upon request.

Our services include:

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Whether you're looking at automation for the first time or need expert support with your existing technology, we can help.