AI Literacy Program

Empower your team to safely and efficiently adopt AI to speed up their specific workflows.

Artificial Intelligence will be the primary productivity driver of this decade. To boost safe, confident and competent AI usage in your company, we've developed the NodeMasters AI Literacy Program. As identifying suitable AI use cases is an important task, our program targets those in your company who know your processes best and how AI might help: Your employees.

Key Success Factors

Interactive Workshops

In four 60-minute workshops, we provide Legal & Compliance teams with essential knowledge about Large Language Models. We will also set aside sufficient time for inquiries and feedback on individual use-case suggestions.

Four Weeks of Prompting Support

We will work in small groups and test out your own prompting use cases. Throughout the program, we will assist participants in realising their own use cases.

Knowledge Beyond Prompting

AI is rapidly evolving. As part of our courses, we don't just cover the basics of prompting. We also delve into AI fundamentals. This approach not only helps participants understand the reasoning behind specific strategies but also equips them to contextualise and benefit from future AI advancements.



Before starting the program, we’ll check that all participants have appropriate access to AI for hands-on experimentation. We are open to working with what you have in place.

Week 1: LLM basics & capabilities

Participants will learn how large language models, like ChatGPT, function and how to apply this knowledge for more effective use of AI tools. They are encouraged to bring their own use case ideas for initial evaluation and to experiment with them throughout the sessions.

Week 2: Prompting techniques

Participants will acquire tips and tricks to enhance the results of their prompts. In addition, they’ll understand why these techniques are effective via expert guidance. They will review their individual experiments from the previous week, and collectively, we’ll work together to refine prompts as needed.

Week 3: AI Evolution

Participants gain an understanding of recent AI developments, such as the causes behind the latest boom and future trends to watch. Moreover, there is additional time for refining and enhancing their AI use cases.

Week 4: LLMs under the hood and Wrap-Up

In the final workshop, we will explore in greater detail how abstract concepts are stored in Large Language Models. We will also reflect on the experiments from the previous week, summarise the participants' insights and allocate time for any remaining questions.

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