Building as a Service

You have the requirements, we build the solution. Our no-code and AI experts will design, build & test your digital workflows and iterate based on your feedback.

Legal and Compliance teams may not always have ample resources to implement digital workflows, especially when automation needs to be executed swiftly. This is where NodeMasters comes in: we build according to your definition of the ideal process. Our experts in no-code solutions, boasting extensive experience, deliver high value in a shorter time frame.

Key Success Factors:

Fast Delivery at Low Costs

Using no-code technology and AI allows us to complete automation projects significantly faster and at a much lower cost compared to custom software development.

Early Prototypes

Being able to quickly create prototypes is one of the biggest advantages to no-code platforms. Since it is almost impossible to abstractly design a solution, we provide usable prototypes as often and as early as possible.

Iterations and Feedback

By offering prototypes right from the start, we gather essential user feedback early on. Through a series of iterations, we continuously incorporate this feedback into the evolving solution. This adaptive and agile approach ensures that the final product not only aligns with your initial requirements but reflects any changes that come up during the course of the project.

And what about AI?

Not every automation project needs AI, but you should always consider whether you can make use of this new powerful technology. That’s why NodeMasters offers a free AI check for every building project, so you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Fully Trained Citizen Developers

Our no-code developers are not only highly skilled in the no-code platforms we support, but also possess extensive training in process management, requirements engineering, agile project management, structured testing and change management.

Training, Maintenance and Support

After the project delivery, NodeMasters can provide various forms of assistance to ensure the sustainable success of your solution: we can manage your application as a service, train your team so you can take over, and provide flexible support as needed.

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